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Memberships and Donations

Become a regular supporter

Short of getting out and doing the work yourself, recurring donations via monthly automatic payments is the best way to provide ongoing support for the work we do to protect New Zealand’s oceans from the destructive practice of seabed mining. Every dollar counts and making monthly payments means that we have reliable funding which is hugely helpful when planning campaigns.  


Recurring donations can only happen via bank transfer, and you will have to set up an automatic monthly payment yourself using these details:

Bank: Kiwibank Limited, Wellington, New Zealand
Account no: 38-9018-0518124-00
Swift Code: KIWINZ22

KASM works with an excellent legal and scientific team challenging deep sea mining applications and other regulations that make it easy for corporates to exploit our natural resources. We campaign for the protection of our ocean & marine life from this destructive industry.

Your donations are important for our campaigns and activities. They help pay for operational costs, educational and promotional materials, legal and scientific research and advice.

Donations and memberships

First and foremost, membership means eternal gratitude from the KASM team and that you care about and are committed to keeping Aotearoa free from the highly destructive practice of seabed mining. You also get to vote during our AGMs. Please note that it means that your name will appear on our list of members that could potentially be requested to be provided to certain institutions and agencies.

Becoming a member of KASM is important. The more members we have the bigger our voice is!

If you want to buy membership on behalf of someone (e.g. your kids or a friend) you can also buy a gift membership.

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