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Urgent and live update from ISA - stopping deep sea-bed mining is critical

Watch this live update on the increasingly urgent and controversial negotiations underway in Kingston, Jamaica, at the International Seabed Authority (ISA).

Key points:

  • Deep-seabed mining (DSM), as proposed, is hugely destructive and will start in international waters in 2024 unless governments stop it.

  • Right now government representatives are meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to rush the development of regulations for deep-sea mining in international waters.

  • Scientists are warning that if deep-sea mining goes ahead it will cause unprecedented environmental destruction to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Concerns are increasing across the Pacific region of impacts on livelihoods and economies dependent on fisheries. Many communities are calling for an outright ban.

  • New Zealand, and other countries, have to date taken a middle ground approach by feeding into regulations.

  • We are calling on New Zealand and other states to immediately call for a moratorium on deep sea mining in international waters.

In our view New Zealand is remiss in not standing in our values and sharing our experience with the world to stop the certain and massive scale destruction that the ISA is heading toward unleashing on our ocean.

Our question to the New Zealand Government is...

Why is New Zealand luke warm in its approach and not seizing the obvious opportunity to lead globally on the issue by raising the alarm and calling for a pause / moratorium?


  • Emma Wilson - Campaign Program Officer (DSCC)

  • Patricia Esquete - Patricia Esquete Garrote - Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) - an important Scientific Voice at the ISA

  • Duncan Currie - Legal Advisor (DSCC)

  • Arlo Hemphill – Greenpeace – Corporations controlling process

  • James Hita – Greenpeace - Pacific feedback

  • Phil McCabe, Pacific Liaison, (DSCC)

For further information please contact Phil McCabe, Pacific Liaison:


  • 027294 3451

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