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Kill the bill

KASM submission guide

Make a submission to the Environment Select Committee

on the Fast-track Approvals Bill 2024 

KASM's full submission here  

Deadline: 11.59 pm Friday 19 April 2024

You have several options: 

 1.  To make your submission click here  

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      might like to make below.  


2.  OR write up your submission, go to the Parliament website and upload it. 


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Points to make to ensure your submission counts:


If you want to speak to your submission, please tick “I want to make an oral submission”

We suggest including the following points - or make your own. 

I oppose this Bill in its entirety for the reasons stated below:

  • If passed, this Bill would override 10 different Acts that protect our environment – including the EEZ legislation governing consents for seabed mining in our oceans. This is not right; the current Acts are there for good reasons.

  • The Bill gives the Government the power to resurrect projects that have already been rejected by the courts.  This is wrong. This could include seabed mining projects that have either been rejected by the EPA, or the Supreme Court.  Ministers would be able to override the Supreme Court decision against consent to mine in the South Taranaki Bight. 

  • It is unacceptable that this bill exclusively places economic benefit above all other considerations, explicitly prioritising corporate interests over protection of nature and people.

  • It is undemocratic and dangerous to allow Ministers to have the final say on a project: it would deliver more power to three Ministers than at any time in our history.

  • The fast-track bill is designed to silence our voice – it specifically bans public consultation and even bans notifying the public of a consent application! This is outrageous. 

  • Seabed mining has failed three times to get consent because it is much too damaging to the environment.   It is inappropriate to include seabed mining in this fast-track process.

  • Under this fast-track legislation Ministers are able to override the Supreme Court decision against consent to mine in the South Taranaki Bight.   

  • This Bill goes completely against Te Tiriti o Waitangi and disrespects tangata whenua.

  • There is a clear opportunity for corruption in the decision-making process 

  • This Bill opens the floodgates to intergenerational irreversible environmental damage.

  • I also think …(please add your own wording)


My recommendations (please put into your words and add your thoughts)


  • The Select Committee must reject this proposed fast-track Bill as it stands..

  • Any and all expert panels and decision-makers must be required to work with criteria which prioritise environmental protection.

  • Three unqualified individual Ministers who are temporarily in a position of power and who do not have the expertise in these projects or proper knowledge of the harm that will result must NOT have the power to make these decisions.

  • The Minister for the Environment must be consulted on all and any projects impacting the natural environment.

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi must be instrumental in government decision making processes.

  • Seabed mining must be kept out of the fast track process - it will cause enormous unprecedented environmental harm.

  • In a democratic society, the public must have the right to both input to and be notified of all projects that impact our environment and way of life.

  • I also think …(please add your own wording)


Thank you for taking the time to fully consider my submission.  


Read KASM's submission




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