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Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) increases awareness of seabed mining proposals across Aotearoa and aims to stop future mining. Seabed mining uses machines to extract elements deep within the seabed, scraping the sea floor and damaging marine life. Help us protect and preserve our coastlines by taking action today.

About KASM

KASM are a community-based action group, who strongly oppose seabed mining activities. We are made up mostly of volunteers, who are passionate about stopping seabed mining and the detrimental effects it has on our planet. 

Our objectives are to raise awareness, educate, and take action against government proposals for any future operations. We are a non-political, non-profit organisation, funded by membership subscriptions and donations. 


Protecting  taonga

News, events and the latest updates from KASM about seabed mining and campaigning here in the Pacific.


You can join KASM's efforts by helping us to raise awareness of the issues and campaigning to save our precious seabed.
First, sign our petition to ban seabed mining


Support our kaupapa and help spread the word about KASM and the work we're doing by purchasing from our shop.


Find out more about seabed mining, where it is happening and the impacts on our native wildlife and ecosysystems.

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